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NEW ALBUM: Meek Mill - Championships

Meek Mill has released his long-awaited new album CHAMPIONSHIPS, he’s shared the absolutely stacked tracklist to build up some last-minute hype. As to be expected, the project features a number of high-profile artists across its 19 songs, but perhaps the most exciting inclusion arrives on track nine, “Going Bad,” which sees the rapper reunite with Drake. CHAMPIONSHIPS also features appearances from Fabolous, Cardi B, Rick Ross, JAY-Z, Young Thug, Future, Kodak Black, Ella Mai, 21 Savage, and Jeremih, among others. Drizzy feature isn’t exactly all that surprising considering the two have patched things up in recent times, but the last time they were on a song together was what led to their messy feud. The two seem to be getting along just fine these days, however, as Meek recently told Ebro that they had a very intense ping-pong match not too long ago. As his first major project since he was released from prison earlier this year in April, CHAMPIONSHIPS represents a huge moment for the…

ALBUM: Kizz Daniel - No Bad Songz

The much anticipated album, No Bad Songz, by the FlyBoy Inc Boss, Kizz Daniel, has dropped. It contains 20 "No Bad" Songs, including the hit, One Ticket which he dropped with DMW boss, Davido.

Here is the ZIP file, Download and enjoy.


ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Casper Nyovest - Sweet And Short (ZIP File)

Family Tree act, Casper Nyovest, drops his much anticipated Album titled Sweet And Short.  The album features some top south african acts with the likes of Frank Casino, DJ Sumbody, Shwi Nomtekhala and Boskasie. Tracklist of Cassper Nyovest Sweet And Short (Deluxe) Album 01. Welcome Welcome 02. Ayoba 03. Skeptedata 04. No Pressure 05. Who Got The Block Hot? (feat. Frank Casino) 06. Remote Control (feat. DJ Sumbody) 07. Hase Mo States (Edit) 08. Tseya Ukwe (feat. DJ Sumbody) 09. Move For Me (feat. Boskasie) 10. Gets Getsa 11. Sponono Sam (feat. Shwi Nomtekhala) 
Download Zip File

Man or His wife: WHO IS AT FAULT?

Man has a medical condition. A chronic disease. It requires him to visit the hospital weekly, so as to stabilise himself. That's what has been keeping me alive so far, he use to say.He had no one but himself, though a successful builder. Weekly treatment costs a fortune. But he cares not, for he would do anything to be cured.Since life is no plain, it is full of ups and downs. Influx of contracts began to ebb. Gradually, he started to spend more than he saved, and eventually, more than he earned.He has a family. Caring mother. She does what she can, and as hopeful as he is. A wife, too, and three beautiful kids. They all hope he gets well soon. Obviously, they are all threatened by the crushing weight of this misfortune, at least in one way or the other. Two weeks ago, he got so broke, and he needed to go for his regular checkup/treatment. He had no hope of raising money for the hospital bills save asking from his wife.  He couldn't ask her for he already knew the answer she w…


I had one of my favourite stupid moments some years ago with my cousins. It was that fine morning you woke up to realise only the three of you had the entire 4 bedroom apartment to yourselves. No school, it was vacation. The parents had travelled to your hometown for an occasion. So, you were practically free!

No one to force you to take your bath, or brush your teeth or chide you for licking and swallowing toothpaste or yell at you for changing the TV channels from boring NTA to OGTV where there is a cartoon show or — you've caught the drift, right? Good.We had no problems. At least not for a while. It took us nearly 2 hours to concede with ourselves that we're hungry, and another 30 minutes to argue who'd cook before it became crystal clear none of us crooks knew how to cook. 😑An hour of experiencing the full wrath of hunger, putting its hands on us individually, an emergency meeting was called by the Eldest. We brainstormed what we could cook strictly based on the food…


Some place far away, a man was seen coming out of an alley, clothes soaked in blood of whatever, a big black nylon hanging on one hand, also dripping of blood, leaving a trail behind as he walked towards the road, and an imprint of a gun holster was visible on his waist.  He had a lit cherry-flavoured cigar in his mouth, smoking while humming a song. As he stepped onto the road, he heard the sound of siren went off at some distance away. "Ah," He muttered, "They have gotten my message". He chuckled. Few seconds later, three cop cars came into view with a SWAT van trailing behind them. Pulling up around the man, many uniformed cops and SWAT team scrambled out with guns and took position.Calm as a sedated animal, the man dropped his cigar on the ground and stepped on it. "Gentlemen," he started, gesturing with  open arms. "You're welcome. I see you got my invite. But where is the Captain?" He appeared to be scanning the faces of the men in bla…


This morning, I got to work just when a colleague was about to go grab some food. He waved at me to accompany him. And to be honest, I was a bit famished. Trekking from my home to my place of work as managed to sap the remaining energy I had. So I asked him if he'd get something for me which he agreed but with a clause: Everything must not exceed 200naira.

What an insult! I'd ask him why, a literally big boy like me, why will I eat food of 200naira? But hunger had tucked a dirty napkin into my pride's mouth. There was no way I'm letting this chance slip pass me. So, I agreed. Instantly, we crossed the road and strolled into the Mama Put adjacent our workplace. A very busy place especially in the morning, because of its proximity to the developing part of the town, quite a number of workers and farmers frequent the place. It is run by an elderly woman and her extremely gorgeous daughter. As we got ourselves a seat, I noticed my friend's uneasiness. He was oddl…

ALBUM: MI Abaga - Yung Denzel [Individual Links]

The CEO, Chocolate City Music, MI Abaga, has come through with his 8th studio album as promised.

The album, named Yung Denzel, is a 10-track project, and all the titles, uniquely was titled in form of sentences.

“Yung Denzel” is a sequel in LAMBAugust to A-Q and Loose Kaynon‘s Crown album which dropped Friday and Blaqbonez‘s Bad Boy Blaq which will be released August 31st – All executively produced by M.I


1. Do You Know Who You Are? Take Sometime To Meditate On Yourself

2. Last Night I Had A Dream About A Hummingbird

3. You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives

4. Another Thing! Do Not Be A Groupie

5. Stop Never Second Guess Yourself

6. You Are Like Melody, My Heart Skips A Beat

7. +-

8. I Believe In Me, You Should Too, Believe In You

9. The Self Evaluation Of Yung Denzel

10. Love Never Fails, But Where They Are Prophecies Love Will Cease To Remain


Caveat: This is only my opinion and I would appreciate diverse views in the comment section. 
Gather around!
I am tired of listening to people rant about how they are being treated like they don't mean a thing DESPITE being with these unappreciative people through thick and thin, doing their biddings, out of love. Then a mistake ensues, and everything goes disarray. This is somewhat understandable as I have not been spared of such treatment, too.  Although it is often whistled around that love asks for nothing in return. Well...that's a story for some other time. So if you'd permit me,this is for everyone that feels less appreciated than what they actually deserve.
Most times, it is not about the content. It is not about how eloquent or versatile one is!  I know ya'll have these wish lists you desperately want to make an imprint of the NIKE logo on every of its boxes, but sometimes, an honest attempt make things more interesting. Well, Maybe Not! But everyone deserve…


"Heissss! Broda! Heisss!"

I manage to hear this in the midst of the deafening silence that seem to have engulfed the area.
I look back, obviously in search of the Son of Man that calls.


The street is usually empty at this time of the day. Workers would have been at work few hours ago, every shops and mini stores opened, the children and teens that seem to fill it up are already in their various schools except for those that had only concluded the WAEC exams few days ago.

"Who could be whistling and calling Broda?" I ask myself.

"Well", I shrug, "If the person needs me, he will call again".

As I turn to leave, a huge palm waves and beckons to me from a corner. It's a dude from the neighbourhood, I guess. I move towards him.

"Come and help us to settle this, please." he says. I answer with a nod.

I ask what the problem is as I stride to his side, and he points to a guy he is pinning to the wall with a hand on the guy's …